T-Ball Rules & Regulations    

Victory Lane Sports Park Tee Ball League             2008 Park League RULES OF PLAY & GAME PROCEDURES

  • Tee Ball players' ages are three to six.
  • Players on a team – 10 minimum, 16 maximum
    Note: no more than 14 defensive players on the field during an inning.
  • 42 feet between the bases.
  • A real or imaginary playing line is between first base and third base or an arc 40 feet from home plate (defense line).
  • Every player bats and plays in the field. Last batter in the line-up gets to run the bases all the way around on their hit to clear the bags.
  • The ball is hit off a batting tee … there is no pitching in this league.
  • There are no walks or strikeouts.
  • The ball must travel 10 feet or it is considered a foul ball.
  • No fielder may cross the defense line until the ball is hit.
  • No stealing. Player stays on the base until the ball is hit.
  • An inning is over when all the players have batted once.
  • Standard game is one hour or four innings.
  • Scores are not kept for the younger players.
  • Safety helmets must be worn. Park will have 6 on hand at league games.
  • Bats - 25"/26" long. 2¼" diameter, max. 17 to 20 ounces. Park will have several on hand at league games.
  • Actual Tee Ball is - 9" to 9½" around; 4 to 5 ounces. Softer than a standard baseball. Molded core or sponge rubber center. Park will supply these at league games.
  • Gloves - 12" long, max.
  • Tee - adjustable, flexible tube on a moveable base. Park will supply these at league games.
  • Athletic footwear is needed (tennis shoes, turfs or rubber cleats).
 Tee ball should be used as a skill-building, learning experience, where the score is not the focus of the game. Many leagues prefer to consider an inning to be the traditional three outs but the majority of play is "bat around" where an inning is over after every player has batted one time. We will play bat around rules so all of the kids to get there at bats each game. Each week we will need your team batting order filled out with first and last names so we can be ready for announcing the batters. Please note if you have any kids with birthdays on those game weekends. Your team should present and waiting near the field for your game at least 10 minutes before game time. Both teams will have time for quick 5 to 10 minute warm up in the outfield area (stretch, defense etc.).  Contact : Mike Krueger  cell 602-625-4932     Park Line : 623-581-6000


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