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Baseball Rules & Regulations    


2013-2014 Victory Lane Sports Park

Victory Lane – K4 Sports Baseball League Rules, Regulations & Policies (USSSA)

USSSA baseball rules shall apply, along with Victory Lane Sports Park - K4 Sports rules using slight modifications listed below.

9U through 16U Age divisions are based upon player's ages as of May 1st, year 20xx (current year), league age. Example - 11U players cannot turn 12 prior to May 1st, 20xx to play in that division. Players may play up, but not down in age.

Home team will be determined by coin flip and will keep official scorebook with all changes going through home plate umpire. In playoff rounds, the higher seed will be the home team. Dugouts are not assigned; first team to arrive has choice.

League Pitching Limitations: None per park rules (please use common sense).

Force Play Slide Rule - This is a safety rule as well as an interference rule.

No jewelry allowed-except medical alert bracelets.

Metal spikes are allowed in divisions 11U – 16U (except when pitching).

10U-16U Divisions have three batting line-up options:

(1) Bat 9 players.

(2) Bat 10-12 players using Extra Hitter designations. An EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively during the game.

(3) Bat entire roster – Free defensive substitution. If a player is injured or ejected, that spot in the batting order will be an automatic out the first time around and then compress.

NOTE: No Designated Hitter is allowed at any time. Starters may reenter one time only in their original batting order.

Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time in this order :

1) the courtesy runner must be a player who has not been in the game (substitute)

2) if there are no substitutes available the last batted out can be used as a courtesy runnerSame runner cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.

To intentionally walk a batter, pitches must be thrown.

Missed bases require an appeal play.

League Game Time Limits: Divisions 9-12 will play 6 innings time limits range between 1:30 to 1:45. The 13U-14U divisions will play 7 innings …  time limits range between 1:50 to 2:00. Innings and time limits for 15U-16U games will be determined based on park schedules. Exact time limits including any drop dead rules will be provided to the coaches for each specific league. In league play a tie stands and will not be played out.

For 1st & 2nd place league ending games ties will be played out in extra innings using the California Tie Breaker. A runner will start at second base. Runner cannot be a player who is or was in the game, even if they are a starter with reentry remaining. If a team has no substitution, then last batted out will be the runner. Game will be played until a winner is determined.

For seeding purposes, the value of a win is 1 point, the value of a tie is a 1/2 point, the value of a loss is 0 points.   

Run Rules: No run rule … so everyone gets in a full game. A game can be halted early if the managers of both teams agree to do so due to a one sided game or lack of players due to injuries.

Two new baseballs (Diamond, Wilson, Rawlings, etc.) will be provided by each team prior to the start of each game.

Any player, manager, coach or parent ejected from the game or after a game is concluded may carry an additional game suspension to be served at next scheduled game upon discretion of the tournament director and umpire in chief. Ejected managers, coaches or fans must leave the immediate area of the ball fields. They may remain in the parking lot. Managers are responsible for the conduct of his coaches, players and fans.

Player ejections that results in a team having less then 9 players, game will continue if the team has 8 eligible players, however an out will be taken when the ejected player is due to bat in the line-up. Teams falling short of 8 players due to player ejections will forfeit that game.

There will be a gate charge at Victory Lane Sports Park for adults and children age 13 and up. Hand stamps are needed to re-enter those parks during the day. The ball players and 2 coaches from each team will not be charged at the gate during the tournament.

At Victory Lane there are concessions available from several locations during the event and the team dugouts contain cold water fountains, evaporative coolers and are shaded. The park does not allow ice chests, coolers, outside food or drink.   


Victory Lane Sports Park Map


The park is west of Interstate 17 … take Pinnacle Peak Road west for 3 miles to 43rd Avenue.


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